Buying the best remote starter comes down to two important factors: the components installed inside your vehicle and the remote you use to start your vehicle. These factors will determine how well your system has been installed AND your experience of remote starting your car from far away.

iDatastart remote starters offer the best in both areas.

First, the HCX remote start module offers OEM-grade quality components, but with the ability to fully customize it to fit your vehicle and your specific needs. Need 45-minute remote start run time? No problem. Drive a diesel? You’re covered. The HCX module also features a built-in immobilizer bypass module so you don’t need to purchase a separate part to safely integrate with your vehicle.

Next, is iDatastart’s premium remote transmitters.

Our approach to aftermarket remote start is to provide the best experience, which is why all of our remotes have a minimum of 3,000-feet of range. That’s nearly 30x the range of a factory remote transmitter. This commitment to quality and performance is what sets iDatastart remote starters apart from the rest of the road.

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What is iDataStart’s Best Remote Starter?

Best 2-Way System

The iDatastart HC3.5 is our top recommendation for a 2-way remote starter because of its super long, 6000-feet of range and LED confirmation. Even when you’re at the mall, airport, or stadium, the HC3.5 remotes will instantly confirm when your vehicle has successfully remote started.

Forget to lock your doors? No problem, the HC3.5 provides LED confirmation when you lock and unlock as well. Enjoy the peace of mind and convenience you deserve with the iDatastart HC3.5.

Best 1-Way System

If you’re looking for a no-frills remote starter, then you can’t go simpler than the iDatastart HC1.1. This system features two 1-button remotes that may appear basic, but offer four different commands that you can send from up to 3,000-feet away (Remote start, remote stop, lock, and unlock).

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Do you have a Smartphone?

Chances are, you are probably reading this page on a smartphone. Did you know you could connect your smartphone to your remote starter? You can now with DroneMobile!

In 2021, Automotive Data Solutions and Firstech are partnering to make all iDatastart remote starters compatible with DroneMobile, the award winning remote start and GPS app! DroneMobile enhances the convenience and security of your driving experience with unlimited-range vehicle control and tracking over super-fast and reliable LTE. If your iDatastart system has security features enabled, you’ll even receive a 2-way alert if your alarm is triggered!

To add DroneMobile to ANY iDatastart system, ask your installer about adding the X1MAX-LTE Smartphone Upgrade kit.

Do you need a T-Harness?

As vehicles become more advanced, safely integrating aftermarket products has become more challenging for installers. To solve this, ADS has developed iDatastart T-harnesses, which are vehicle-specific wiring kits that make remote start installations easier and more reliable. While they are not necessarily “plug and play”, they do greatly reduce the number of hardwired connections required for installation.

iDatastart boasts the industry’s largest selection of vehicle-specific t-harnesses. If keeping your vehicle in its original condition is important to you, ask your installer about using a t-harness!

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Where to Buy iDatastart

iDatastart remote starters and accessories can be purchased from any authorized retailer in Canada and the United States. Buying your system at an authorized retailer ensures that your purchase is properly and safely integrated with your vehicle.

At this time, our U.S. Dealer Locator is currently under construction. If you’d like to request more information about iDataStart, please complete this form.

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