2-Way LCD Remote Upgrade Kit (Remotes + Antenna only)

Model: RF4652AE


iDatastart is pleased to announce our new iDatastart TR4652A remote with vibrant LCD for maximum control and convenience.

2-way LCD, 5-button remote upgrade kit. Add 2-way LCD confirmation and extended range remote start to any compatible iDatastart remote starter.

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  • Up to 6000 Feet of Range
  • 2 Remotes Included
  • LoRA Communication
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • 1.54" TFT Color Display
  • 2-Way Alarm Notifications (when enabled)
  • T-Harness Ready (Sold Separately)
  • USB Rechargeable
  • English, French, Spanish text

* Additional parts and labor may be required.


  • (1) TR4650A 2-Way LCD, 6000-FT Range Remote

  • (1) TR3450AE 2-Way LED, 6000' Range Remote

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    LoRA 2-Way Antenna

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    Adhesive Screen Protector

More Details

idatastart 2-way lcd remote starter vibrant display

Vibrant LCD Vehicle Display

iDatastart's newest TR4652A LCD remote that is included with this system features a beautiful 1.54" TFT color screen. This screen will give you more peace of mind about the current status of your vehicle, including the state of the door locks and engine.

Double the Convenience

When remote starting your vehicle from far away, there's nothing more convenient than a remote that provides 2-way confirmation. The iDataStart HC4.5 includes 2-way remotes that will provide instant visual and audible confirmation whenever you successfully remote start or lock your vehicle.

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