About Automotive Data Solutions

Founded in 2005, Automotive Data Solutions Inc. (ADS) is a privately held company specialized in the development and marketing of remote start and audio integration solutions destined for the automotive aftermarket. ADS’ award-winning products (marketed under the iDatalink, iDatalink Maestro and iDatastart brands) are sold and installed through a network of authorized dealers across North America, South America, Europe and Russia.

Our Mission

ADS’s primary mission is to create premium aftermarket automotive solutions that integrate seamlessly with vehicles in order to provide the best product experience to the consumer and installer.

ADS Solutions

Automotive Data Solutions is the industry leader in vehicle integration for a wide variety of applications including audio, video, remote start, security, and telematics. All of our products are designed, engineered, and tested in-house at our facilities in Montréal, Quebec.

Why iDatastart?

iDatastart is the only remote start brand in the industry to exclusively offer “all-in-one” modules that combine the functionality of a controller with an immobilizer bypass. The convenience of this combination cannot be overstated, as it streamlines installation and programming.

Speaking of programming, all iDatastart products are web-updatable with your desktop, tablet, or mobile device using the revolutionary Weblink. Connect any iDatastart product to your device with a compatible Weblink Updater cable and gain access to advanced remote start features, vehicle-specific firmware, and intuitive guides to help installers of any level.

ADS is also committed to providing the best service in the industry. Starting in 2021, ADS and Firstech, LLC. will officially partner on the marketing, promotion, and support of the iDatastart brand. All U.S. dealers and customers can now work directly with Firstech on all matters related to iDatastart.

How to Become an ADS Partner

Please visit our contact page at https://www.idatastart.us/contact or complete this form to speak with an iDatastart representative near you.

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